Scanning, indexing, cataloging


«Digital Country» provides modern information services.


We specialize in the documents

digitalization and indexing, an electronic resources creation.

Scanning, indexing, cataloging

Basic services

• Documents analysis and selection of scanning parameters;
• Scan copies processing;
• Copies converting to the required format;
• Documents transferring to any convenient media.

Drawing, charts, maps;
Technical, project documentation;
Engineering plans, schemes on any types of materials.

• Document recognition and data assignment, which allows you to quickly find information, organize, create search selections.

• Archive base evaluation;
• Pilot project implementation;
• Scanning, recognizing, indexing;
• electronic archive system implementation.

Additional services

Archive examination;
Documents arranging;
Description creation;
Documents stitching.

• Free evaluation and archive analysis;
• Сonsultation on the purchase of the scanners ;
• Project estimation with the base or expanded scanner configuration.


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