Creating a scanning center

Creating a scanning center

To buy a scanner that will meet your needs, it is important to first analyze your paper archive by several parameters: the volume of documents to scan, formats, quality, resolution, physical condition, and so on.

In order to find the optimal solution for you, we:

  • Will conduct a free evaluation and analysis of the archive;
  • Will consult on types of scanners (including high-speed, wide-format, professional flatbed);
  • Will provide a calculation for the purchase of the scanner in the basic or extended configuration.

Buy a scanner — this is only the first step. The creation of digitization departments / centers is a long process, requiring expert evaluation of specialists.

If you purchase a scanner, we:

  • Will select the optimal model, depending on the features of the funds;
  • Provide technical support;
  • Will train specialists, develop user’s instructions.





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