About the company


We use only specialized equipment to scan documents. We create, certify and constantly improve software FOLIUM for easy work with digitized data.


We adhere to a strict regime of confidentiality. There is permission to carry out works related to state secrets.

Company "Digital Country"
works to preserve and organize information since 2008.

We specialize in the electronic archives and catalogs creation; document automation, depositories, funds, registers and other structured information resources filling.

Each of our projects is an individual solution according to the client's needs for use, security, and updating of their own archives


  • Government agencies and enterprises
  • Cultural and education institutions
  • Industrial and commercial companies with volume and relevant archive of the personnel, with an array of technical documents and patents.
  • Private collectors



Managers, programmers, technologists, operators and trainers. We have many years experience in implementing projects to create electronic archives, electronic libraries, multimedia museums in Ukraine, the CIS and the Baltic countries.



We conduct seminars, consultations, training for the company-customer employees. We provide guarantee support for our resources.


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