Documents scanning

Documents scanning

We provide scanning services for:

  • Commercial companies;
  • State departments;
  • Museums;
  • Archives;
  • Libraries.

Scan quickly:

  • Embroidered documents — from 10,000 pages/day;
  • Stitched documents — from 1500 pages/day.

Where do we scan?

  • In our office, or we can create a temporary scanning center in your territory.

How do we scan?

  • Determines the amount of documents and scan parameters;
  • Process the received scan-copies and convert them into the required format — jpeg, pdf, word, etc;
  • Transfer scanned documents on any convenient medium — cd/dvd, flash drive, loaded into the “cloud”.

Having scanned documents you:

  • Save copies of documents in case of loss of paper original;
  • Able to fill electronic archive;
  • Faster find information if documents are recognized.


The minimum order is from 1000 pages.





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