Archive processing of documents

Archive processing of documents

For an organized and easy to manage archive of documents, guarantees the preservation of valuable information, you need to archive documents that are in compliance with the law and meet your needs.

What tasks solves the archiving of documents?

  • Provides the correct mode of storage of documents, their safety;
  • Generates an archive of documents;
  • Creates reference and accounting tools to archive documents;
  • Optimizes and makes it convenient to use archive documents.

Stages of archival processing of documents:

  • After evaluating your archive, first of all, permanent storage documents and personnel files are archived. With the filing of documents in the State Archival Service;
  • Then documents of temporary storage, which have not expired, are archived;
  • And documents, the storage period of which has already passed, shall be written off (destroyed).

Our services:

  • Evaluation of the value of documents;
  • Organization of personnel documents and temporary / permanent storage documents;
  • Procedure for writing off documents;
  • Forming inventories of cases;
  • Archive binding, stitching, restoration;
  • Harmonization of necessary documentation with the State Archives;
  • and other services for archiving

Our advantages:

  • Work on your territory, which eliminates the need to transport documents, ensuring the security and confidentiality of the process;
  • All work is performed in accordance with the law;
  • Will evaluate your archive for free. Evaluation of the archive is also necessary if you want to create an electronic archive.





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