E-Archive for the Kiev City State Administration

“Digital Country” Company was determined by the winner of the tender based on the results of the open bidding procedure on the electronic site https://prozorro.gov.ua/

At the request of the Kyiv City State Administration, services were provided for the creation of the electronic archives and archiving of the documentation for the Department of Economics and Investments.

The subjects of the services are:

– paper documents digitization of the construction objects (contracts, calculations, builder’s documents for the construction site, technical documentation, litigation materials, etc.), an electronic database, the documents loading to the database and to the communal property management system (electronic archive) Kyiv City State Administration;

archival documents processing: systematization, formation, and execution of archival cases, binding processing, drawing up and registration of the description of the long-term cases for delivery to an archival institution.


Almost 7,5 thousand objects 
More than 400 thousand sheets
980 folders (period 2004-2016)
One-sided and two-sided documents
Format: А4-99%, А3-1%
Documents are stapled

Work on scanning documents and archival processing was carried out on the Customer territory.


– documents electronic database of the share participation in construction (period 2004-2016) and their digital copies are uploaded to the Kyiv City State Administration information system;
– the originals of documents are systematized, formed and stitched into archive files, corresponded descriptions for the transfer of documents for archival storage.


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