Services of scanning, indexing, cataloging

«Digital Country» is working to provide

modern information services.


We specialize in the documents digitizing and indexing,

an electronic resources creation.

Services of scanning, indexing, cataloging

Basic services

Analyzing the documents and chose parameters for scanning;
Processing of the scan copies;
Converting the scan copies to the required format;
Transferring the documents to the any convenient media.

Drawing, charts, maps;
Technical, project documentation;
Engineering plans, schemes on any types of the materials.

• Recognize documents and assign data to them, allowing you to quickly find information, organize, create search samples.

• Evaluate the archive base;
• Carry out a pilot project;
• Scan, recognize, index;
• Introduce an electronic archive system.

Additional services

Archive examination;
Documents arranging;
Description creation;
Documents stitching.

Do a free evaluation and analysis of the archive;
Advise on the types of scanners;
Provide settlement for the purchase of the scanner in the base or expanded configuration.


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