Services of scanning, indexing, cataloging


“Digital Country” is working to provide modern information services.

We specialize in the documents digitizing and indexing, an electronic resources creation.


Basic services

Documents scanning

  • Analyzing the documents and chose parameters for scanning;
  • Processing of the scan copies;
  • Converting the scan copies to the required format;
  • Transferring the documents to the any convenient media.

Wide-format scanning

  • Drawing, charts, maps;
  • Technical, project documentation;
  • Engineering plans, schemes on any types of the materials.

Recognition and indexing of documents

  • Assign attributes (keywords, indexes) to documents, which allow you to quickly find information, organize, create search samples.

Creating an electronic archive

  • Database evaluation;
  • Pilot projects implementation;
  • The electronic archive system implementation.


Additional services

Archival processing of documents

  • Archive examination;
  • Documents arranging;
  • Description creation;
  • Documents stitching.

Creating a department / scanning center

  • Do a free evaluation and analysis of the archive;
  • Advise on the types of scanners (including high-speed, wide-format, professional flatbed);
  • Provide settlement for the purchase of the scanner in the base or expanded configuration.