Documents scanning

Documents scanning

Our service for digitizing documents is aimed at working with commercial companies, museums, archives, libraries, as well as individual state departments.

Regardless of the volume, the scanning is performed quickly:

  • from 10,000 pages per day for embroidered documents;
  • from 1500 pages per day for stitched documents.

Works are carried out on professional equipment, focused on large volumes of scanning.

Why scan documents?

  • Find information in electronic form is easier than in paper;
  • Rapid preparation of a package of documents for inspections;
  • The scanned document is ready for printing, sending by e-mail;
  • Save copies of documents in case of loss of paper original;
  • Create or populate an electronic archive.

Where does the scan take place?

  • In the office of the Digital Country, or on the territory of the client.

How does scanning work?

  • Determines the amount of documents (number of stitched / embroidered, format) and scan parameters.
  • If necessary, the received scan copies are processed (the images are trimmed around the edges, horizontally turned) and converted to the required format (jpeg, pdf, word, etc.).
  • Digitized documents are transmitted on any convenient media (cd/dvd, flash drive, loaded into the “cloud”).


The minimum order is from 1000 pages.