Archive processing of documents

Archive processing of documents

To ensure an organized and easily managed archive of enterprise documents, guarantees of preserving valuable information, it is necessary to archive documents that comply with the law and meet the needs of the business.

Archiving of documents. What tasks does it solve?

Regardless of the form of ownership of the company, its documents are kept in the archive. The terms of storage of documents depend on their types, while enterprises are obliged to ensure their complete safety and submit information about these documents at the request of the State Archival Service.
Some cases after expiration of their storage term at the enterprise must be transferred to the State Archival Services (for example, staff schedules, documents on personnel, annual accounting statements). For the safety of archives and the state of archiving documents, enterprise managers bear administrative, civil-legal and criminal responsibility.

Archiving of documents solves a whole complex of tasks:

  • Ensuring the correct mode of storage of documents, their safety;
  • Formation of archive of documents;
  • Creation of reference and accounting tools for archive documents;
  • Optimization and convenience in using archive documents.

Stages of archival processing of documents

The very process of archiving documents has its own order and sequence of processes. After the expert assessment of the state of the archives of the enterprise, documents of permanent storage and cases on personnel (archives of the full package of required documents in the state archive services) are archived first. Further, documents of temporary storage, the term of which has not expired. And documents, the storage period of which has already passed, are subject to write-off (destruction).

Specialists of the Digital Country provide services in the following areas:

  • Expert evaluation of the value of documents;
  • Organization of personnel documents and temporary / permanent storage documents;
  • Procedure for writing off documents;
  • Forming inventories of cases;
  • Archive binding, stitching, restoration;
  • Harmonization of necessary documentation with the State Archives;
  • and other services for archiving

Archiving of documents by our team assumes a number of advantages:

  • We work in the client’s territory (which eliminates the need to transport documentation, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the process);
  • All works are carried out in accordance with the legislation;
  • The preliminary expert evaluation of the archive is free of charge.