Ukrainian Avant-garde Digital

Digitization of valuable archival documents from the Central State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine funds.

The Central State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine and Digital Country Company implemented the project “Ukrainian Digital Avant-garde” to create a fund for the use of rare archival documents from the personal funds of outstanding Ukrainian avant-garde artists – Alexander Bogomazov, Vasyl Yermylov, Anatol Petrytsky. The documents are an integral part of the National Archival Fund of Ukraine and are most in demand among researchers, both our compatriots and foreigners working in the reading room of the Archive Museum.


Archive-Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine is a unique institution that combines the functions of the archive and museum and is the largest treasure trove of literary and artistic funds.

Valuable works of fine art (biographical documents, texts of scientific research, photographs, epistolary, catalogs of exhibitions, albums, artwork (sketches, sketches for paintings, sketches of theater costumes, scenery, decorative paintings, etc.) were digitalized.

Digitized copies of archival documents are already available to users in the reading room of the Archive-Museum of Literature and Art.

Innovative and modern approach to work with scientific information will help to literary and artistic institutions, creative unions, scientists, students, researchers, who use Archive-Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine for scientific, social and cultural purposes, to draw them for the preparation of collections, monographs, multivolume editions, doctoral and candidate dissertations, scripts of feature and documentary films, and etc.

The availability of high-quality digital copies will greatly facilitate access to them by users and will help preserve the originals.

Project Details:

1014 items of storage
Formats: from A4 to A0.
Non-standard dimensions and solid foundation (wood, cardboard, etc.).

All copies were made with the professional equipment for color scanning with high resolution.

Scanning work is carried out on the territory of the archive-museum without taking documents out of its territory.




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