FOLIUM – 2018


2018 — the year of cultural heritage, to which we dedicate the project “FOLIUM – 2018”

The goal of the project is: to help Ukrainian museums to move to an automated system of accounting and management of funds during the year.


  • This is an automated system designed for accounting, storage and cataloging of museum funds, which allows you to easily and quickly create collections and expositions, conduct research and manage all the museum’s information resources.

Now “FOLIUM-MUSEUM” is installed and successfully functions in the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko and the National Kiev-Pechersky Cultural Reserve, and is also being introduced in the National Historical Ethnographic Reserve “Pereyaslav” and the Museum of History of Kiev.

Why should you install the FOLIUM and join the “FOLIUM – 2018″ project already today?

Folum is a flexible modular system that easily adapts to a specific existing accounting system in your museum.

Only 5 working days are needed by our specialists to customize the folium to your needs:

  • Create a structure of the museum inventory catalog in accordance with the storage groups;
  • Configure lists / dictionaries of formalized values;
  • Create user groups;
  • Configure access rights for the system.

Questions and answers

How does the Folium address the compatibility of paper and electronic accounting?

The solution is to create two directories in one information system.
The first is formed on the basis of existing inventory cards and reproduces the structure of the previous / existing paper records.
The second (extended, basic) – in accordance with the new accounting structure and scientifically unified passport of the museum subject.
Information from the first catalog is appropriately transferred and reproduced in the second. Further work with information is carried out in the extended catalog.
Catalog of paper records acts as an insurance electronic copy of paper records.


Will it be possible to download from the Folium a data package for centralized accounting of the Ministry of Culture?

The modularity of Folium allows you to adapt the program at any time. As soon as the Ministry determines the content of the data packet (the list of attributes, limits and conditions of data sampling), the function of forming and exporting the necessary packages can be realized within a week.


If after some time our museum decides to introduce another automated system?

Folium is a universal software platform, built with modern standards and information processing technologies. The entire database entered in Folium can be downloaded in the universal * .xml format and downloaded to another information system without loss of information.


Who will fill the system with information?

Option 1. 
The owner of the system (the Museum) carries out the introduction of data into the system by the forces of its specialists
Option 2.
A company that specializes in digitization services and database creation
Option 3.
If there is a database of museum funds in any format — Word, Excel, another format, we convert it to the Folium database and load it into the system


What qualifications should users of the system have?

Folium does not require special experience and qualifications. The interface is intuitive. Previous cooperation with museums has shown that in general it takes about 2 hours of testing, so that a new user is used to working in Folium.


How much does Folium cost?*

The total cost of the system, taking into account adaptation for the customer — 240 000 UAH. up to 10 users

Within the framework of the “Folium – 2018” project we offer:
1. installments for 2 years by any parts convenient for you
2. deferment of the first payment in the amount of 20% – up to 90 days from the commencement of work and conclusion of the contract 
3. free filling the system with the first 50 electronic cards, regardless of whether they exist in written or electronic form (in any format)

* The offer is valid provided that the contract is concluded before the end of 2018



You can order the “FOLIUM-MUSEUM”:

by phone — 044 498-20-09
or write —


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