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Filling of the regulatory documents directory

“Digital Country” won the tender of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Scientific-Research and Training Center of Standardization, Certification and Quality Problems” to digitize documents for the “Standards E-Shop”, whose main purpose is to provide any of the regulatory documents (catalogs, classifications, collections, national, intergovernmental, international and European standards, etc.)


Obtaining copies of existing standards is available in a few clicks:

63 000 pages of paper regulations originals were digitized and filled the “Standards E-Shop” electronic fund.


  • digitization and creation of electronic copies in PDF-format files based on paper originals regulations;
  • total number of digitized pages – 63 000;
  • staff selection – competition on the basis of submitted proposals.


Simplification of procedures for obtaining copies of the applicable regulations through the corporate portal by expanding the list and adding electronic fund.



Optimization of processing of legal documents

Customers: Agricultural firms, Agricultural Production Companies

Optimization of processing of legal documents for the subsequent introduction of an automated system. Document processing is carried out on the customers’ territory.

Type of documents: land lease contracts with applications



  • optimization of processing of documents due to the transfer of unusual / routine operations to outsourcing
  • compliance with quality requirements for document processing
  • improving of the accuracy of processing


  • Large amount of data was processed in the shortest possible time
  • Lower final cost of processing of a single integrated questionnaire
  • Decrease of labor costs in the enterprise and burden on employees
  • Increase of processing speed



State enterprise archiving documents

Customer: State Enterprise “Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies” (since1934)

Objective: Archiving of permanent term documents, which have the status of National Archive Fund


  • The scientific and technical processing (archiving) of documents of permanent, temporary and long-term storage
  • Arrangement (sorting out)of permanent storage documents, documents on personnel for the period 2009-2010
  • Binding


  • 110 cases were processed for archival storage
  • inventory files creation




Colliery administration. Personnel archive

Customer: Industrial company “Pivdennodonbas?ke Colliery Group №1»

Objective: Reducing time to prepare reports and confirmation of benefits


  • Digitized more than 600,000 pages from Personnel Archives 1973-2012
  • Electronic archive system Folium installation


  •  The withdrawal of old documents from circulation
  •  Reduced labor costs for search and preparation of information on request in archives in 24 times
  •  Reduced time to prepare information about salary, labor track record, benefits confirmation of laid-offemployees




Agricultural business company. Accountancy

Customer: The company, which is engaged in the purchase and sale of agricultural products for Ukrainian and foreign customers. 8 years in the market

Objective: Secure document storage and quick search for contractors


  • Scanning of 100,000 pages of documents
  • Identification document signs
  • Development and installation of automated system of inventory and search of documents


  • Company started to use electronic documents with individual access and registrtationof all actions in the system
  • quick search of the set of documents and other contractorindices
  • Paper copies of financial controlremoved from office forsecure storage
  • 8 times faster documents search



Museum. Archive

Customer: Taras Shevchenko National Museum

Objective: Creation of interactive museum expositions. Publication of closed-end funds


  • Web-site
  • Shevchenko Virtual archive – more than 9000 documents (archival documents on the life and work of T. Shevchenko from 1795 to 1917 years)
  • Digitized collections from various funds:
    • Books (over 160 in total, more than 55 000 pages) – translations, lifetime editions, books from the Shevchenko personal library
    • Negatives on glass and film (1,900 pcs.)
    • Numismatics
    • Faleristics (300 exp. – Commemorative awards, badges, medals)
    • Printed material
  • Insurance fund of the museum documentation creation (inventory books, books, records, records of formation of museum collections 1928-1941 years (2,263 documents).
  • The project was implemented by the decree of the President of Ukraine №257 / 2012 of 11 April 2012 in the framework of the state program “Shevchenko house” (to the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko), “… the creation of interactive museum expositions”


  • Site visitors increase 3 times
  • Archive documents were provided to the readers
  • The site is used as an additional platform for virtual expositions




Regional state archive

Customer: Vinnytsya region State Archive

Objective: Provision of services and public access to geographic data


  • Scanning, processing (cutting, etc) of the directory – volume of 105,000 cards
  • Image directory creation – economically efficient solution for providing public access to archives
  • Consistent information search implementation and search based on catalogue headers


  • Average resource attendance – 7,500 persons per quarter


Departmental archives

Customer: State Property Fund of Ukraine


  • Creation of insurance fund of the archival files of previous periods
  • Simultaneous access

  • Digitization of 200 cases (70, 000 pages)
  • Creation of electronic archive of cases based on Folium software with an ability to search by criterias (date, topic, type, number, etc)


  • Reduced time of information search re Property rights
  • The opportunity of simultaneous work with archival documents of different services/departments




Development company. Register of the design documents

Customer: Kyiv shopping center with total area of ??70,000 sq.m.

Objective: 24/7 access to technical documentation of various services/departments for repair and construction works


  • Inventory of available documents
  • Separation of different formats documents before scaning (by types of scanners which are used), and their further integration
  • Scanning of document formats A4 – A3 * A0
  • Catalogue of the Shopping center project documentation


  • 24/7 access to technical documentation of operational technical services
  • The process of finding the necessary documentation accelerated tenfold
  • Preservation of originals from loss, damage and destruction through the use of electronic copies





Technology park. Register documentation

Customer: Private Airlines

Objective: Create an insurance fund for aviation equipment repair, maintenance and providing copies to other institutions


  • Digitization of books with the technical documentation A4-A0, manual operation and maintenance of aviation equipment


  • Preservation of original documents through the use of electronic copies





Customer: International pharmaceutical company with an extensive network of medical representatives in Ukraine

Objective: The transition to electronic document management and providing the transparency of the situation for the analysis by headquarter


  • Provided a qualified personnel to ensure the full cycle: scanning, introduction of ID document signs, downloading of records and electronic documents to the corporate database system


  • Rapid systematically filling of the corporate SAP system with documents
  • Cost saving for search, training, staff supervision


Electronic library

Customer: National Historic Library of Ukraine. Library Fund – more than 800,000 units on 26 languages

Purpose: to provide an access to the list of library collections to the readers worldwide


  • Web-site
  • 699,379 scanned cards
  • 400 Digitized Books XIX – beg. XX century
  • 56,560 bibliographic records electronic catalog
  • Purchased new equipment to scan and storage of the insurance fund books (scanners, servers)


  • Site attendance increased 4 times
  • Rare edition were withdrawn from circulation. Readers have access to electronic copies in the reading room of the library

The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Charity Fund “Renaissance” and Ukrainian Library Association.



Fundraising for cultural institutions

Customers: Cultural institutions (museums, libraries, archives)

Purposes: Funding for the digitization projects


  • Search and analysis of external funding source;
  • Development of business plan;
  • Submission of grants applications to foundations;
  • Project management;
  • Financial management;
  • Volunteers involvement;
  • Information support of the project.

Our grant history:

  • «Endangered Archives Program» British Library (2013)
  • “Development of Ukraine” Rinat Akhmetov Foundation (2012)
  • “Anti-Crisis Humanitarian Program / Support areas of culture and education” Charitable Foundation “Renaissance” (2011, 2013)

Registration grants possible only with the active participation of cultural institutions in the project (the grantee).




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