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Book scanners

Book scanners used to scan books, booklets, stapled documents, posters,  illustrations, old maps and photos. Safety lighting provides the best results of work with a book scanners, and ensure the safety of sources.

Our range of book scanners allows to scan thick books that have a small opening angle, books with inserts (illustrations, diagrams, charts).

The use of industrial equipment can give a high quality result compared to the use of domestic flatbed scanners.

Product advantages:

  • High speed (scan time only 2 sec. per scan A4)
  • Low exposure to light (illumination will only be activated when scanning)
  • No dazzling, no heat load
  • No UV radiation
  • Best results
  • High productivity
  • No reflections with high-gloss originals
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio

Production scanner

Production Scanners are used to scan large amounts of “fresh” documents.

Speed ​​document scanning on this equipment is high (125 p./min.), that provides  low cost of work. Besides, production scanner allows to perform duplex scanning.

We use the high productive production scanner Fujitsu fi-5950 –  performance can reach up to 100,000 pages.

Large format scanners

Large format scanner Colortrac (SmartLF Ci 40) is used for digitizing large format documents.

This model allows to scan any media with a width up to 1000 mm. This equipment is in demand mostly for drawings, plans, charts on various media  (paper, tracing paper, film or opaque plastic, cardboard thickness up to 20 mm, 
The advantages of our model:

  • Optical resolution 600 dpi, maximum resolution 9600 dpi
  • A clear, high-resolution, black-and-white and color scanning is ideal for technical documents
  • High geometric accuracy, excellent transmission shades, high color  rendering
  • A unique Advanced Single Roller Paper Transport (ASRPT) system comprising a single, large diameter precision ground roller with a  dynamic spring mounted media guide mechanism maintains accurate document positioning as the document passes through the scanner and allows carefully handle with thin and old originals.